High End & Fine Dining Catering in Sydney

Our extensive experience preparing menus affords you the luxury of creating the kind of experience unique to your event. We know which foods and drinks will compliment your choices and the menu we deliver will be nothing short of amazing.

At Elite Chefs Sydney, we provide high end catering in Sydney for many different types of events and functions. One of the most popular events we are asked to prepare delicious food for is weddings. Of course, on your big day, you will want to make sure that your family and friends enjoy amazing food using the highest-quality ingredients and that is exactly what our service can provide for you! Find out more below about why you should choose us as the Sydney high-end catering service for your wedding day or other special celebration.

Why You Should Choose Sydney Fine Dining Catering

Are you still undecided on which catering service in Sydney you should choose for your special day? Here are just a few of the reasons why we are the perfect pick for you.

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Sydney Fine Dining & High End Catering

Find out more about our exquisite fine dining catering in Sydney, call our Executive Chef Matt Bates today or send us an email through the on-site form if you have more details about your big day. We’ll then sort out the rest to ensure the catering is a success for your celebration.

The idea to plan a special event or occasion is fun in and of itself. However, once the realisation sinks in that you are responsible for just how enjoyable this evening will be, the planning and organisational requirements quickly start to make themselves apparent.

Perhaps you have notified your invitees that they will be treated to an intimate, decadent evening at your abode? Or maybe you’ve opted for a private dinner party for a select group of influential friends. Whatever the occasion, don’t leave its success to chance. Seek out the very best fine dining catering in Sydney to ensure nothing short of a sublime night to remember.

Here at Elite Chefs Sydney, we are the top choice for those that require exceptional catering no matter what their demands are. We are capable of bringing you corporate catering, wedding catering, private catering, drop-off catering and high-end catering that is peerless. Award-winning executive chef Matt Bates, formerly of Café Sydney, is the man behind our culinary delights and with his expertise and our professional approach you won’t have to worry about a thing.

We only use the very best of ingredients, sourced from Australia’s top suppliers to guarantee a really high standard for our clients. What’s more, as a boutique, high-end company, we offer a personalised experience that can be tailored to events of all sizes.

How Our Caterers Ensure Your Fine Dining Event Runs Smoothly

Planning and organising go hand-in-hand with the smooth running of any event. Why put yourself under pressure trying to figure out the best possible way to make all of the things you want to achieve happen when you can tap into the experience of a professional caterer?

Here at Elite Chefs Sydney, we appreciate that some guests may have special requirements. For example, coeliac guests will need gluten-free options and those with allergies must be catered to appropriately as well to negate any risk. Our high-end catering affords our Sydney customers a level of safety and professionalism that is second to none.

While some people like to organise events themselves, there is an onus of responsibility on them to remember all the details of the event. Securing the services of a top-class catering company means that you simply pass along the details to us, safe in the knowledge that our approach ensures that every little thing is looked after so that your event goes off flawlessly.

When it comes to fine dining catering, knowing how much food to prepare is something that we are highly versed in. We have catered to the needs of every kind of event, from intimate family gatherings to high-pressure corporate event catering, so you can depend on us to adequately prepare for all eventualities.

High-End Catering: We Can Make it a Night to Remember

An event that you and your guests look forward to is something that you absolutely must be present for from start to finish. If you have to spend all your time preparing food, carrying trays in and out, cleaning dishes and setting places, then you’re simply working for the enjoyment of others. Your guests are there for you, and it makes sense to retain high-end fine dining catering for your Sydney event so that you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere and fun, and make it a night to remember.
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