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What makes us different from other catering companies that service Syndey? We are a boutique catering company that specialises in providing impressive high-end restaurant quality cuisine that tastes and looks amazing.

Welcome to Elite Chefs Sydney; we’re proud to be the number one choice for those looking for high-end office lunch catering in Sydney.

Heading up our team is a well-known award-winning chef, Mr. Matt Bates! Matt was the Executive Chef at Café Sydney and he’s leveraged all of the invaluable experience he’s acquired to create a high-end private catering company that serves restaurant-quality food.

Our goal is to make Sydney office lunch catering easy by providing a wide range of different food options from hot and cold canapés to main courses and sharing platters.

Sydney Corporate Lunch Catering

More and more companies are realising the benefits that come with providing all staff members with healthy, tasty foods at lunchtime. Starting up an employee lunch program or even just offering occasional catered lunches can create great networking and team building opportunities as well as foster a really strong positive culture in the workplace.

Companies that provide lunch for employees can generally expect increased focus, better engagement, less employee turn over and a greater work ethic.

In 2015 Google launched a study to find out what made their teams more successful than others and, overwhelmingly, the study showed it was dynamics in the workplace that revolved around communication and trust that had the biggest impact. These are skills that are not necessarily developed in the boardroom, but in the lunchroom.
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Office Lunch Catering Options

  • A team of experienced fine dining chefs prepares all of our food with passion.
  • We have great relationships with suppliers across Sydney and guarantee the freshest, highest quality ingredients in all of our meals.
  • On top of that, all of our food is made fresh to order rather than pre-made, frozen or mass-produced. We have incredible reviews and focus on providing all of our customers with the best experience possible.
  • We’re flexible when it comes to the different packages that are available so have a think about what you’d like to serve and we’ll work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.
  • Our main goal is to simply take the stress out of event planning so let us do all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is tell us what you’d like and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • We can cater for small and large groups.

Sydney's Leading Office & Corporate Lunch Caterers

Whether you want one off or full-time office catering, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0407 306 743 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Whether you’re planning to hold a special business lunch for your biggest shareholders on a luxury yacht or you’d like to treat your employees to a buffet style business lunch on a daily basis, we are sure you’ll be impressed with our food and the whole experience that we provide.

Under the direction of award-winning Executive Chef Matt Bates we are pleased to provide the best ingredients, warmest staff, and the most delectable dishes from our team of highly trained and talented fine dining chefs. We know that a well-catered meal with incredible food and great service reflects well on your company, and that’s why we provide nothing short of perfection every time.

The Benefits Of Investing in Sydney Business Lunch Catering

Many people spend more time at their office than they do at home and, as such, businesses are stepping up their game in order to improve employee engagement and promote a healthy work atmosphere. Studies show that the most productive teams are the happiest teams and when your staff feels appreciated, they are much more willing to put in the time and effort required to ensure your company is successful.

That alone makes it more than worth the cost investment of working with Elite Chefs Sydney to create a business lunch menu that tastes amazing and is beautifully presented.

Do You Need Corporate Lunch Catering in Sydney?

When you’ve got an upcoming office meeting or other event, one of the things you’ll undoubtedly be thinking about is how to arrange the lunch break. It goes without saying that providing a selection of food which will please everyone in attendance isn’t always easy, but that it is absolutely essential if you want to keep the whole team happy, positive and productive.

If you’re currently in the process of looking for an ideal office lunch catering solution to meet your needs, you’ve probably already noticed that there are a variety of different options available on the Sydney market. But when it comes to choosing which catering service is right for you and your team, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

It’s always a good idea to take a look over the testimonials and reviews left by previous customers to see whether the kind of service a company is offering in practice is actually a well-suited fit for your particular occasion, and to learn more about the kind of food on offer. But it’s more than just the quality of the food that’s important: it’s also the quality of the customer service and the efficiency, safety and cleanliness with which a catering team can work.

Sydney Office Lunch Catering by Professionally Trained Cooks

When you choose Elite Chefs Sydney to take care of your catering requirements, you can be entirely confident that you’ll be working with only the very best. We’re proud of the strong reputation we’ve built for being Sydney’s leading catering specialist – and the heart of our success is our team of highly trained and experienced professional cooks.

Led by Matt Bates, the award-winning former executive chef of the highly popular Café Sydney, our team take great pride in crafting exceptional menus and delivering them to the highest possible standards for our clients. Regardless of the kind of food you’re looking for or the particular challenges your upcoming office presents, you can be sure that we’ll be able to work closely with you to create a bespoke, tailored solution that is bound to be a success.

Our Services

At Elite Chefs Sydney, we offer a personalised service tailored to your event and so there is no event that is too big or too small for us to attend. He have even provided morning and afternoon tea catering services! Whether you are looking to provide amazing business lunch catering, a morning breakfast, afternoon tea, catering for a corporate event or even a wedding, we are the caterers who can provide this for you. What our guests love is that they can simply pick up the phone, speak to us personally, and we will take care of the rest!

Our Team

What really differentiates us from other catering services out there is our team of staff. When you hire Elite Chefs Sydney, you will have a professional chef preparing the event food. If you are having a chef on-site, we will cook all food to order for your guests and we are happy to cater for any allergies or dietary requests. When you book us, there will be no mass-produced food in sight.

Our Ingredients

Finally, whilst other catering companies may be trying to cut costs by skimping on their ingredients for the catering, we do not believe in this. We try to locally source as much produce as we possibly can and for this reason, you will find that our menus tend to be seasonal. This local Australian produce makes a huge difference in the taste and quality of food on offer and this is something that you will struggle to find anywhere else.

Choose Sydney's Best Lunch Catering

If you would like to know more about our Sydney lunch catering, or would simply like to know more about the services that we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Our head chef Matt is available to chat to you over the phone about your event catering requirements, or you can send us an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Sydney Corporate Lunch Catering Service

Are you looking to hire a Sydney corporate lunch catering service but have no idea where to begin? Let us do the work for you here at Elite Chefs Sydney. Corporate lunch and corporate lunch box catering are a great way to boost morale for your staff and are sure to impress any clients visiting your office too. There are plenty of fantastic benefits to hiring this type of catering, and you can find out more about them below.

The Great Benefits Of Corporate Lunch Catering in Sydney

At Elite Chefs Sydney, one of our most popular services is corporate lunches. When speaking to clients, they tell us all about why they do this and the benefits that they feel it brings:

Have Food Delivered Straight To You

There really is nothing like having Sydney's finest gourmet catering delivered straight to you is there? Whether you are ordering our pre-prepared food items such as sandwiches, or an on-site chef to cook the food fresh, this can be a massive help for any staff who are working to tight deadlines. In any office environment, this is not uncommon! Having amazing, healthy food delivered can really boost the morale in your office and provide a new burst of energy to overcome the afternoon slump.

It’s Convenient

Again, this ties into staff working to tight deadlines, but it should be emphasised the convenience of corporate catering. Schedules shift all the time and often we do not get a lot of notice to prepare for this. This can mean working longer hours and the last thing you want to do is have to leave the office to grab lunch and have to rush to eat it and get back. Our catering service makes lunch more convenient, so your staff can then return to meeting those deadlines with a new burst of motivation.

Team Bonding

Finally, what is amazing about something as simple as a catered lunch is that it can really help with team bonding and making your staff feel appreciated. Every business owner or manager wants to have a productive team working around them, and a catered lunch will ensure that staff are always well-fed, regardless of any changes to their working times. Not only that, you would be surprised about how much of an impact catered food can have on team morale. This shows that you value your staff and so you are likely to see higher employee retainment and less unhappy staff looking for other jobs.

Are You Looking For Spectacular Corporate Lunch Catering In Sydney?

There is no better dining experience than one prepared and served by a catering team with decades of service in first-class restaurants. If you want to enjoy the very best, then you should avoid the rest and choose a company of professionals who trained and worked in some of the most esteemed establishments in Australia.

At Elite Chefs Sydney, we provide just that. Headed up by our award-winning head chef Matt Bates, we have the culinary expertise, high standards, quality suppliers and friendly approach to deliver an unforgettable catering experience that will exceed your guests’ expectations.

Whether you are planning an intimate evening with friends and family, a key business meal with prospective investors or a large wedding we can deliver superior catering to make your event a masterpiece.
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