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If you are looking for the best catering in Sydney, you have come to the right place. Elite Chefs Sydney is proud to offer a high-end, exclusive chef service for all your catering events. Our team of chefs are ones who you know you can trust to deliver an amazing service as they are headed up by our award-winning Chef, Matt Bates, who was previously the Executive Chef at Café Sydney! For more information about our personalised elite chef catering in Sydney, read on below.

The Best Catering Sydney Locals Trust

At Elite Chefs Sydney, we provide catering services across the city, and our high-quality, tailored service is what sets us apart from the other catering companies on the market.

When you choose our service; you do not have to expect the standard fare as we prepare all our food freshly for you and your event. No matter whether you are having a high-end, exclusive event or a bespoke celebration, we provide Sydney's best catering to all and always provide the same excellence with our service.

While you may have found when using previous catering services in Sydney that the quality of the food was not up to scratch, you won’t find that same problem with our service. Our chefs are passionate about only sourcing the very best quality ingredients and we love to use local produce to prepare our food. These ingredients are what make our menus so special, and you can spot the vibrancy in our foods as soon as you see the menu!

We have worked hard to build strong relationships with the top suppliers in the country, which means at your event you can enjoy top-quality seasonal produce that will certainly leave your guests wanting more. Grass-fed beef, fresh oysters and local truffles are just a few of the amazing ingredients you can expect to see on our menus.

You only have to take a look at our testimonials to see for yourself the quality that our Sydney catering service provides. We guarantee that all your guests will adore our food and that it will be the talking point of your event long after it is over. We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so you can view pictures of the exquisite food that we serve and the phenomenal events that we get to cater. Find out more about how you can contact our team below if you would like more information about the range of events that we can cater for.

If you like what you see, then give us a call today to inquire more about the services we offer and to get a quote for your event. Our Executive Chef Matt is available to speak to on 0407 306 743, or you can fill out our online booking form with information about the event you are looking to plan, and we will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Elite Catering Services for Sydney, NSW

Occasions add a little spice to life and the notification of a date to be marked in the diary. Whether it is for a wedding, a family gathering, the celebration of a milestone birthday, the launch of a new brand or product, or simply need corporate catering these events are something that the vast majority of people look forward to.

A level of prestige is typically expected, which, of course, prompts the organisers into action to figure out how to guarantee that things go off without a hitch. Food is a key part of any occasion and so it makes sense to retain the services of the best catering company in Sydney when you’re planning your next event.

At Elite Chefs Sydney, we have the culinary expertise and professional know-how required to make high-end occasions of all kinds truly special. Our award-winning executive chef, Matt Bates, offers the kind of prestige and pedigree that ensures a culinary feast that will have your guests talking for some time to come, for all the right reasons.

We don’t believe in mass-producing food, but instead prefer to source quality, local produce from Australia’s top suppliers and create a gourmet restaurant dining experience in your home, at the office, on your private yacht, or wherever you plan to host your event.

How Our Catering Service in Syndey Can Enhance Your Event

Even if you are planning to host a relatively small number of people, do you really want to leave the quality of the food you serve to chance? Finding a caterer that can adapt to dietary restrictions is a must. You don’t want to leave anybody feeling that they were not considered when you planned the occasion. Here at Elite Chefs Sydney, we are flexible and can create tailor-made packages to suit your preferences.

Classic food options are often the go-to choice for those that are hosting an event. While this ensures that everyone has something that they will like, wouldn’t you prefer to give them something that they will love? Our catering services afford Sydney planners the chance to realise a gourmet catering experience at their event. If it is an occasion that you hope to make special, then our caterers will add a touch of class, elegance and true luxury.

If you are planning for event catering and will potentially entertain prospective clients, or if you are launching a product and want to make a great impression on your invitees, then seeking out an elite catering service will reap many rewards. With you sublime catering, our professionalism and ability to create mouth-watering culinary delights, your crowd will feel that you really want to make them feel welcome and that you pulled out all the stops to make that happen.

Every family celebrates certain milestones. Whether it’s a retirement party, a graduation party, a lavish birthday bash, or a coming together of the extended family in your home, we make elite chef catering accessible in Sydney. Our exceptionally high standards are the perfect complement to a moment in time that you will remember fondly for years to come and afford you the chance to sit back and soak up the good times.

The Gold Standard of New South Wales Catering

At Elite Chefs Sydney, we can help with venue selection and help you plan the menu, or we can cater to the venue that you have already chosen. We are completely adaptable to your needs, but one thing that never changes is the gold standard level of quality that we deliver for your guests. Past customers have commented on the “amazing” work that we do and the “incredible” events and “exquisite food” that we serve.

We provide the best catering Sydney has to offer. So, if are planning a special occasion and recognise just how important getting the food and catering side of things right is, we encourage you to enquire about booking the team here at Elite Chefs Sydney.
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