Boardroom Lunch Catering Sydney

Elite Chefs Sydney loves boardroom lunch catering! Relaxing, sophisticated, fun and inspired; catering can be such a special event and we love helping you make your event the celebration of a lifetime!

Great food is so important when when organising a function – Elite Chefs Sydney will make your catering experience truly spectacular! We’ll help you plan a menu that suits your venue, tastes and budget. We can also meet any special dietary requirements that you or your guests may have, including vegetarian or gluten free.
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Looking for Boardroom Lunch Catering in Sydney?

Welcome to Elite Chefs Sydney, the best choice for boardroom lunch catering in Sydney. We pride ourselves on turning any event into an experience with our top of the range food that’s carefully prepared and stunningly presented by our fine-dining chefs.

We aim to elevate the standard catering experience and do something incredible and delicious each and every time we work with a client. We have a very talented team that’s led by award-winning chef Matt Bates and it’s his passion for food and quality that shines through in every event we service.

Save Time & Stress With Professional Boardroom Lunch Catering

Choosing office and boardroom lunch catering Sydney businesses trust is a major part of running any corporation in, and who you choose to work with and what you choose to serve says a lot to your employee’s, partners and clients about your company.

The benefits of providing healthy and amazing tasting foods at your boardroom lunches are endless. They include;

  • Research shows that offering employees a catered lunch on a regular or full-time basis has numerous positive effects on work culture and a company’s bottom line.
  • It’s said that employees who enjoy a healthy meal for lunch are 150% more productive and 46% more focused throughout the afternoon.
  • Better meetings! Scheduling a lunch meeting adds an incentive for attending and leads to more engaged participation.
  • Collaboration! Employees are likely to sit together and talk more casually when they’re enjoying good food. They’re also likely to build relationships with colleagues from other departments, which can help to strengthen collaboration and foster a stronger team ethic.
  • It’s also been proven that job dissatisfaction is the number one reason for employee turn over and most employees would rather new or additional work benefits over a pay raise.

Why Choose Elite Chefs Sydney?

Here are a few of the reasons why our customers choose us;

  • We serve restaurant-quality food and with our connections to suppliers in Sydney, you always know you are getting the best and freshest produce prepared by some of the most talented chefs in the city.
  • We focus on sourcing local, sustainable, delicious ingredients and preparing them in a fun, dynamic way that is delectable for all the senses.
  • Besides our unbeatable quality of food, we also offer exceptional customer service; we are always approachable, informative and reliable so let us know what your pain points are when it comes to Sydney boardroom lunch catering and we’ll sort them out for you.
  • We also offer flexible, tailor-made packages to suit your needs so whether you’d like a varied selection of hot and cold canapés or a buffet of delicious sandwiches and finger food, we’ve got you covered.

Have a question? We’d love to hear from you!

Elite Chefs Sydney offers exclusive dining experiences for catering, private functions and bespoke events by Executive Chef Matt Bates. Our catering services can be tailored for a wide variety of occasions. From office lunch catering in Sydney to business lunch catering in Sydney, Elite Chefs Sydney is New South Wale's premier dining experience.

To learn more about what we offer in terms of packages and pricing for boardroom lunch catering, please feel free to send us an email to or call us at 0407 306 743.
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