Cocktail Party Catering Sydney

Elite Chefs Sydney loves cocktail party catering! Relaxing, sophisticated, fun and inspired; catering can be such a special event and we love helping you make your event the celebration of a lifetime!

Great food is so important when when organising a function – Elite Chefs Sydney will make your catering experience truly spectacular! We’ll help you plan a menu that suits your venue, tastes and budget. We can also meet any special dietary requirements that you or your guests may have, including vegetarian or gluten free.
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Cocktail Party Catering In Sydney

Elite Chefs Sydney provides the best cocktail party catering in Sydney. Our service will take care of all drinks and food at your event, so you can focus on organising other areas of the event and fully enjoy it once it comes around. If you have been given the daunting task of organising a cocktail party, follow our top tips below to make sure yours is a hit!

We Love Sydney Cocktail Party Catering

  • Of course, our first top tip to give you when planning a fantastic cocktail party is to make sure that you choose the perfect team to help you execute it. Not only does this mean ensuring as little hassle as possible with great cocktail party catering Sydney residents and businesses love, but also that you have a good event planning team around you. You will need a few organised and committed individuals to help you make it a success and to share some of the responsibility and weight of planning the party.
  • What many party organisers forget to do is inform guests of the proper etiquette, which is particularly true for company cocktail parties. You will want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys the night without getting too rowdy or drunk. Sending round an email to all staff is a great way to set out some ground rules and ensure everyone has the best experience possible. These events are designed to bring people together, not create bigger divisions!
  • Along with these ground rules, you may want to set alcohol consumption limits for your staff. While at a cocktail party everyone is sure to enjoy a few delicious cocktails, there will always be those who get carried away. Imposing limits is the best way to ensure employees are still on their best behaviour when representing the company, particularly if clients are going to be there.
  • If you are trying to stick to a budget and keeps costs low when organising a cocktail party, a great way to do so is to organise one in the off season. We all know that this type of event is typical around particular times of the year such as Christmas, so why not instead organise this type of event during a quieter month such as January? You will be able to save a lot of money doing this for your company.

The Leading Cocktail Party Caterers Are Elite Chefs Sydney

Get the cocktails and food for your upcoming cocktail party organised today by contacting the team here at Elite Chefs Sydney. Our Executive Chef, Matt Bates, would love to talk through with you the amazing Sydney cocktail party catering service we can provide and how it will transform your evening into an event that will impress all of your guests. Matt can be contacted via the on-site form, email or you can phone him to get an immediate answer to any of your queries.

Elite Chefs Sydney offers exclusive dining experiences for catering, private functions and bespoke events by Executive Chef Matt Bates. Our catering services can be tailored for a wide variety of occasions. From event catering in Sydney to corporate event catering in Sydney, Elite Chefs Sydney is New South Wale's premier dining experience.
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