Breakfast Catering Sydney

Elite Chefs Sydney loves breakfast catering! Relaxing, sophisticated, fun and inspired; catering can be such a special event and we love helping you make your event the celebration of a lifetime!

Great food is so important when when organising a function – Elite Chefs Sydney will make your catering experience truly spectacular! We’ll help you plan a menu that suits your venue, tastes and budget. We can also meet any special dietary requirements that you or your guests may have, including vegetarian or gluten free.
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Our Morning Breakfast Catering In Sydney

Did you know that most of your employees are most likely relying on frequent cups of coffee to fuel their morning as they wait for lunch time to come around? This means that productivity levels in your company are certainly slacking if employees are not feeling productive and efficient until the afternoon. Our breakfast catering Sydney businesses trust is the perfect way to start off your employees day and set them on the right track to focus on the work that they are doing. Here are just a few of the great benefits that you will see in your company from staff having a team breakfast.

What Are The Benefits Of Sydney Breakfast Catering?

Team breakfasts are massively growing in popularly as employers try to get their staff starting their day off right with motivation and energy.

  • A great benefit of having a team breakfast is the nutritional value that it brings. As they say, food is medicine, and eating a healthy breakfast can help to keep your staff fit and healthy which means less sick days for you as the employer to worry about. If you skip out on breakfast, you could easily be missing up to 35% of your daily nutrition which is probably a lot more than you had originally thought. Missing out on this nutrition also is more likely to lead to employee resorting to unhealthy sugary snacks in a bid to try and keep their energy levels up and then crashing from the sugar rush and seeing productivity levels drop.
  • At Elite Chefs Sydney, we can work with you to develop a catering plan that is healthy. While many employees may be unhappy that they are not getting their favourite fry ups or sugary muffins, the breakfasts we can provide will keep them satisfied all the way to lunch time. High fibre foods such as porridge oats or high protein foods such as eggs are great options for the morning.
  • When everyone in the office gets on well and is cheering each other on, this is when your business is always bound to do its best as employees are motivated and enjoy feeling as though they are part of a team. A corporate breakfast is a great way to encourage some team building as people can bond, discuss work project and engage with each other in a way that they may previously felt like they could not do. This is also a great way to encourage different teams within the company to mix with each other and promote collaboration. This gives all employees a better perspective on a business as a whole.

Sydney's Premier Morning Breakfast Caterers

Get the most out of your employees and hire our breakfast catering in the Sydney CBD area today. Our head chef can chat through with you over the phone or by email the requirements that your morning breakfast catering in Sydney needs and we can accommodate as is necessary.

Elite Chefs Sydney offers exclusive dining experiences for catering, private functions and bespoke events by Executive Chef Matt Bates. Our catering services can be tailored for a wide variety of occasions. From afternoon tea catering in Sydney to cocktail party catering in Sydney, Elite Chefs Sydney is New South Wale's premier dining experience.
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